Border Crossings

116. Lukeville, Arizona - Crossing the Mexico/US Border

November 8, 2007

The road trip comptroller had spent most the morning unearthing receipts we had squirreled away in every recess of the van the last ten months and then crunching the numbers.

Adrienne was worried that our VW van "profile" would lead to a full court press interrogation by the US border officials.  continue reading... »

101. Cd. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico - Crossing the Guatemala/Mexico Border

October 10, 2007

As we pulled forward to the orderly and official-looking (at least compared to what we had experienced in Central America) Mexican border buildings and caught a glimpse of the green, red and white colours of the Mexican flag, we felt like we had returned to the blessed motherland.  continue reading... »

96. Ciudad Pedro de Alvarado, Guatemala - Crossing the El Salvador/Guatemala Border

September 29, 2007

The highway from La Libertad north to the Guatemalan border at La Hachadura/Ciudad Pedro de Alvarado hugs coastal cliffs, as it rolls up and down through sparsely populated villages.

It offers many great vistas of beautiful ocean. Alongside the road, on the straighter patches, farmers were busy raking the corn they had spread out road’s shoulder to dry. Quintessential Central America moments.  continue reading... »

94. El Amatillo, El Salvador - Crossing the Honduras/El Salvador Border

September 29, 2007

The Central America-4 Border Control Agreement didn’t speed things up for us at the El Amatillo crossing between Honduras and El Salvador.

Entered into by Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua in June 2006, the CA-4 pact allows Canadians and Americans who enter into any of the four countries, to travel to the three other countries without obtaining additional visas or tourist entry permits.  continue reading... »

88. Penas Blancas, Nicaragua - Crossing the Costa Rica/Nicaragua Border

September 21, 2007

After a month of laying low at the Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat, we had become soft, and the idea of getting back on the road, crossing chaotic borders and dealing with corrupt cops was a bit daunting.

It was also difficult for us to say goodbye to Meghan, Davis and Lluvia, our friends and the enthusiastic proprietors of the soon to be open Chilamate Rainforest Eco Resort.  continue reading... »

82. Pasa Canoas, Costa Rica - Crossing the Panama/Costa Rica Border

August 14, 2007

It was hard to say goodbye to Boquete’s perfect Spring-like climate, and the cinnamon buns from the market, but after three days it was time to descend from our 1,000 metres of elevation and move on.

It took us only 90 minutes to drive from Boquete to the border. And from the commercial hub of David west, the Inter-Americana Highway was divided with four-lanes and very little traffic, a rare luxury in Mexico and Central America.  continue reading... »

76. Punto Pena, Panama - Crossing the Costa Rica/Panama Border

July 31, 2007

The tiny Sixaola/Guabito border crossing on the Caribbean coast is little more than a few shacks at either end of an old train bridge. Wooden planks, many of them loose, had been laid across the tracks to allow single file vehicle traffic to pass.  continue reading... »

71. Penas Blancas, Costa Rica - Crossing the Nicaragua/Costa Rica Border

July 14, 2007

After a restless night of urban camping in the streets of Granada, we got up early and headed south to the Costa Rica border.

Given our experience a few days prior, we tensed up each time we approached a cop, but none were ready to shake us down this early in the morning.  continue reading... »

68. Las Manos, Honduras - Crossing the Honduras/Nicaragua Border

July 10, 2007

The choke-hold of semis at the chaotic Pan-American border crossing between Honduras and Nicaragua, was a stark contrast to the soothing scenery that had preceded it.

It took us about two hours to drive from the tiny village of Yuscaran - where we had spent the night – to the border.  continue reading... »

63. El Florido, Honduras - Crossing the Guatemala/Honduras Border

June 30, 2007

After much humming and hawing we had decided to enter into Honduras via the El Florido crossing, rather than Corinto.

Corinto is on the Atlantic coast and would have been a much more direct route from Rio Dulce. But after reading in their travel blog about another couple’s prolonged/extremely frustrating experience trying to cross at Corinto, we settled on the more circuitous, but predictable, El Florido option.  continue reading... »