Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook

The short list of guidebooks/travel memoirs about road tripping through Mexico, Central America and South America just got a little longer, and a little more current.

Kim and Don Greene's Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook was published in June 2008 and contains information and forms collected up until April 2008.

It details the couple's trip through 16 countries and, according to their website, is the culmination of four years of research.

Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook can be added to a short list of guide books/travel memoirs that describe the road trip south on the Pan America Highway, which already includes:  continue reading... »

Top 5 Guidebooks for Road Trip to Mexico & Central America

While there are many guide books available for traveling in Mexico and Central America, we had specific needs relating to driving our VW van and camping. We also had limited space in the van.

As such, we had to make sure that every book we brought provided something different.

Through trial and error, we developed strong opinions on the guidebooks we brought, as some of them became essential and others soon became redundant.

1. Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping: Explore Mexico and Belize With Your RV or Tent - Mike and Terri Church  continue reading... »