New Cruiser: Expedition from Vancouver to South America

Names: Robin and Raenelle
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Date started: July 19, 2008
Date returned home: January 2009. It was 6 months nearly to the day.

Destination: Vancouver to Argentina. Previously we had done separate road trips to the Baja in Mexico and to Central America.

Vehicle: A completely rebuilt Cruiser made of aluminum that we did on our own over a two year period ending in 2002.

Top 3 campsites:

1) Anywhere in Patagonia, Argentina.
2) Northern Peru on the coast - beautiful pacific ocean beaches.
3) Along the Sea of Cortez on the Baja Peninsula

Preferred guidebook(s): We use Lonely Planet, though we're not the guidebook type travellers. The most useful bit of information we get out of a guidebook are the little city maps that help us get our bearings once we're in a populated centre. It's also interesting to read a bit on the history and culture sections, but only if you spend the time talking to the actual countrymen for their version. For us, true history is no where near as important (or interesting) as percieved history.

Top 2 travel gadgets/devices: Hard to say. The compact single shot espresso maker was pretty nice to have.  continue reading... »

Surfari Collin in Central America

Names: Brad and Jana Collin
Hometowns: Los Angeles, California

Road trip destination: Los Angles to Panama

Date left home: March 6, 2008

Date trip ended: No end date really. We flew back home for the holidays but are returning to Costa Rica in March to landscape our new property and house sit another property for the rest of the year.

Key road trip activity: Surfing twice a day everyday. Eat, surf, sleep, eat, surf, sleep.  continue reading... »

Road Trip From Montreal to Mexico is Online

Name: Michael Maheux
Hometown: Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada

Road trip destination: Thetford Mines, Quebec to Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico, and back home again.

But in 2006-2007, I roadtripped in Mexico to Sonora to Chiapas to Quintana Roo to the Yucatan...  continue reading... »

"Tow Truck In A Box" Worth Considering for Baja Road Trips

I saw an ad on TV last night for the "Tow Truck in a Box" and wished we had a set of these ribbed aluminum plates when we camped our way down the Baja in our VW van last year.

On two annoying occasions we had to dig our tires out of deep sand.

The first was in an RV park just north of Playa Santispac in what we thought was a parking lot. Fortunately, there was some old boards nearby that we could wedge under the tires.

But it still took 45 minutes, a lot of dust, and some damage to our relationship before we finally made it out.  continue reading... »

Jeff Johnson's "Bend to Baja" Proves Popular

The bad news? The entire first print run of Jeff Johnson's intriguing road trip tale, Bend to Baja, has sold out

The good news? Johnson advised me that he is in the midst of doing a second run and it should be ready in summer 2009.

I am keen to get my hands on the book because, according to the promotional blurb:

"Bend to Baja documents a surf-inspired road trip along the West Coast of North America. In February 2005, Jeff Johnson, the Malloy brothers and their friends left Ventura, California for Bend, Oregon. From Oregon, the crew went south to the tip of Baja, looking for waves and rock climbing in a pickup truck converted to run on alternative fuel sources: veggie oil and bio-diesel."  continue reading... »

"Africa By 2WD Drive" Team First Does The Americas

Names: Hayden Carlyon and Alexandre Matos
Hometowns: Oamaru, New Zealand and Puerto Alegre, Brazil, respectively

Road trip destination: Austin, Texas to Argentina

Date left home: October 21, 2007
Date arrived in Argentina: March 10, 2008

Vehicle: 1995 Honda Accord

Purpose/motivation for the trip: The Adventure; traveling by car allows you to be free and travel like a local; wanting to just hit the road and keep on driving; and drive Alex back to his home town in Brazil.  continue reading... »

Kitesurfing and Roadtripping From San Diego to Chile

Name: Frank Rogowski
Hometown: Oldenburg, Germany

Road trip destination: San Diego, California, USA to Chile and then back to Brazil.

Start of road trip: October 30, 2008
Anticipated end date: Not sure

Vehicle: 2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
Place of purchase: San Diego, California
Date of purchase: October 30, 2008  continue reading... »

Road Trip to El Salvador: Two Guys, One Video Camera

Names: Spencer Stromberg and Dustin Alexander

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Road trip destination: Salt Lake City, United States to San Salvador, El Salvador

Date left home: July 22, 2008
Date arrived in San Salvador: August 11, 2008

Spencer and Dustin's road trip video: See below

Vehicle: 1988 Honda Prelude. We bought it, and a spare tire, for $300. We ended up needing the spare tire.  continue reading... »

Bumfuzzle Nation Charts Course South and East in VW Van

Names: Pat and Ali Schulte
Home Town: St. Paul, Minnesota

Road trip destination: It looks like this trip will take us from Alaska to as far south as Argentina. From South America probably on to Europe, across Russia, and back to North America.

Date left home: June 26, 2008
Time line for returning home: Time line revolves solely around warm weather.

Vehicle:1958 Volkswagen Panelvan

Place bought the van and custom work done on it: We bought the bus in Canada and had it restored in Seattle. Inside it we built a camper style kit, with a fold down bed, a refrigerator, a sink, and plenty of storage. But on the outside it is really just a fairly standard 1958 VW Bus.  continue reading... »

To Tierra del Fuego and Beyond

Names: Gerry and Sharon Channer
Home Town: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Road trip destination: Ottawa, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, Chile and back again

Vehicle: 1987 VW Camper Van
Van Nickname: DC3
Garage used to service van before and after trip: Van Cafe, Santa Cruz, California

Date left home: January 20, 2004
Date reached Ushuaia, Argentina, the southern most city in the world: April 2005
Date arrived back home: July 2007
Time on the road: 3 years, 5 months  continue reading... »