The Delayed "Gap Year": Vancouver, Canada to South America

Names: Sheila and Chris
Home Town: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Ages at time of road trip: 60 and 62

Road trip destination: Vancouver, British Columbia to South America and back again

Date of road trip: March 2006 to March 2007

Countries driven through: United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama. Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile

Days on the road: 365 days  continue reading... »

VW Van Family Style on the Baja

Name: Jeff
Hometown: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Passengers: Wife Libby and kids Fraser (9) and Alex (7)

Road Trip Destination: Vancouver, British Columbia to Baja, Mexico

Year of road trip: October 2005-January 2006

Vehicle: 1986 VW Westfalia Van
Days on the road: 75

Best campsite:  continue reading... »

Road Trip to Mexico & Central America 2007

The goal was to take up to a year to drive our 1987 VW camper van from Vancouver, Canada to the Panama Canal, and back again. If that didn’t work out, we would settle for the “Grand Tour” of Mexico.

The notion of driving through Central America had been operating as a magnetic pull on us for many years and the timing for hitting the road now seemed just about perfect.

We were both ready to press pause on the corporate treadmill - me as a lawyer at a downtown firm and Adrienne with a large insurance company – and see if we could reclaim that freedom that we thought (probably incorrectly) had defined our early 20s.

The only hours we wanted to bill over the next year would be on the open road or on a beach with fruity drinks in our hands.  continue reading... »