"Tow Truck In A Box" Worth Considering for Baja Road Trips

I saw an ad on TV last night for the "Tow Truck in a Box" and wished we had a set of these ribbed aluminum plates when we camped our way down the Baja in our VW van last year.

On two annoying occasions we had to dig our tires out of deep sand.

The first was in an RV park just north of Playa Santispac in what we thought was a parking lot. Fortunately, there was some old boards nearby that we could wedge under the tires.

But it still took 45 minutes, a lot of dust, and some damage to our relationship before we finally made it out.  continue reading... »

Top 5 Van Security Measures For Driving to Mexico & Central America

1. We tinted the windows on the van

-This not only made it difficult to look into the van, it also provided necessary shade from the glaring sun. We had it done at Speedy Auto Glass in North Vancouver, at a cost of $395.

2. We installed a small electronic safe under the back bench seat

-We went with a "ST-12D Drawer Safe" from West Coast Mobile Locksmiths in Vancouver. It cost $256 installed (under the back bench seat) and was big enough to hold our passports, spare cash and credit cards, key paperwork, cameras and I-Pods.

3. We used a Club on the steering wheel

-A good visual deterrent, if nothing else.

4. We installed a flashing fake alarm light

-Another good visual deterrent and costs less than $20 bucks.

5. We brought Adrienne

-Being a female, she made sure we made smart decisions about where we parked the van and where we camped for the night.

Not worth it:  continue reading... »