South America

The Delayed "Gap Year": Vancouver, Canada to South America

Names: Sheila and Chris
Home Town: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Ages at time of road trip: 60 and 62

Road trip destination: Vancouver, British Columbia to South America and back again

Date of road trip: March 2006 to March 2007

Countries driven through: United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras. Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama. Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile

Days on the road: 365 days  continue reading... »

Overland World Road Trip

Name: Felix Bergmeister
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Former life: 10 times Ironman' ultra-triathlon winner

Road trip destination: Around the world

Age at start of road trip: 29
Date started dreaming about the trip: 9 years before taking off

Purpose of trip: raise awareness of, and funds for, UNICEF
Vehicle: R 80 GS Basic motorbike

Start of road trip: October 21, 2006  continue reading... »