VW Vans

The Volkswagen Van Wave

I learned about the VW van wave in my early 20s, shortly after buying my first VW van.

Years later, I still have difficulty articulating to non-VW van drivers when and when not to wave. "It's more of an art than a science", fits in this case.

But if push came to shove and I had to try and distill VW van waving habits down to their core, they would be this:  continue reading... »

Bumfuzzle Nation Charts Course South and East in VW Van

Names: Pat and Ali Schulte
Home Town: St. Paul, Minnesota

Road trip destination: It looks like this trip will take us from Alaska to as far south as Argentina. From South America probably on to Europe, across Russia, and back to North America.

Date left home: June 26, 2008
Time line for returning home: Time line revolves solely around warm weather.

Vehicle:1958 Volkswagen Panelvan

Place bought the van and custom work done on it: We bought the bus in Canada and had it restored in Seattle. Inside it we built a camper style kit, with a fold down bed, a refrigerator, a sink, and plenty of storage. But on the outside it is really just a fairly standard 1958 VW Bus.  continue reading... »

Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power Vans Soon on the Road

In an article in June we reported on the Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power van than had been prototyped by Montreal industrial design company, VERDIER Light Caravaning.

In an story on green RV-ing in the NY Times on Friday, Alexandre Verdier, the van's designer, said that he is currently negotiating with a manufacturer and that the vans should be available in summer 2009.

According to the company's website, they will be making only 250 vans in the first production run.  continue reading... »

Famous Foodies Take to the Road

Celebrity chefs Bob Blumer and Jamie Oliver both have roadtrippin credentials.

Blumer (a.k.a. The Surreal Gourmet) is a a cookbook author, artist and professional bon vivant.

He has been described as "one of today’s most imaginative food personalities" and can be seen on the Food Network.

He also, apparently, enjoys long road trips.

In order to promote his critically acclaimed third cookbook, Off The Eaten Path: Inspired Recipes for Adventurous Cooks, Blumer embarked on an ambitious 30-city, three-month odyssey in the early 2000s in his customized Airstream trailer.  continue reading... »

To Tierra del Fuego and Beyond

Names: Gerry and Sharon Channer
Home Town: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Road trip destination: Ottawa, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, Chile and back again

Vehicle: 1987 VW Camper Van
Van Nickname: DC3
Garage used to service van before and after trip: Van Cafe, Santa Cruz, California

Date left home: January 20, 2004
Date reached Ushuaia, Argentina, the southern most city in the world: April 2005
Date arrived back home: July 2007
Time on the road: 3 years, 5 months  continue reading... »

Travesia Panamericana

Names: Barbara and Cris Torlasco, and dog Chance
Home Town: Eugene, Oregon, United States

Road trip destination: Eugene, Oregon to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vehicle: 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia Diesel ("Guapo")

Date left home: April 8, 2002
Date arrived in Buenos Aires: August 7, 2002

Months on the road: 4  continue reading... »

Southbound Explorers to South America

Names: Ashley Honigman and Moreno Bordignon
Home Town: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Road trip destination: Vancouver, British Columbia to Tierra del Fuego, Chile and back again

Vehicle: 1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia

Date left home: April 18, 2008
Expected return date: September-October 2009. Or until the money runs out  continue reading... »

VW Vagabonds Three-Year Odyssey

Name: Amanda and Richard Ligato
Roadtrippin Name: VW Vagabonds
Hometown: San Diego, California, United States

Road trip destination: United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and Africa

Inspiration for the trip: Seeing a billboard one day for the US$14.1 million California lottery and starting to think what they would do with their lives if they ever won it.

Number of years saving money for the trip: 6

Vehicle: 1978 VW Westfalia campervan
Date left home: September 2000  continue reading... »

The "Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power" Van

Montreal industrial design company, VERDIER Light Caravaning, has designed a revolutionary Westfalia Bus that is powered by green energy.

Labeled the "Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power", the van has a hybrid engine that runs on fuel and electricity. It also has solar panels on the roof that provide electricity to the on-board accessories when the vehicle is stationary.

According to its website, the company "has set for itself the goal of enhancing the field of the light recreational vehicle" and, along with being powered by green energy, the "Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power" Bus has several new design features that make it sleeker and more livable,  continue reading... »

VW Van Family Style on the Baja

Name: Jeff
Hometown: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Passengers: Wife Libby and kids Fraser (9) and Alex (7)

Road Trip Destination: Vancouver, British Columbia to Baja, Mexico

Year of road trip: October 2005-January 2006

Vehicle: 1986 VW Westfalia Van
Days on the road: 75

Best campsite:  continue reading... »