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Nobody is Ready to "Scrap" their VW Van in British Columbia

The British Columbia Government announced yesterday that it is giving another $15 million to the "Scrap-It Program".

The laudable program is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality by getting older vehicles (pre-1995) off the road.

People who scrap their vehicles under program can receive free transit passes, money towards buying a bicycle or up to $2,250 towards buying a new car.

The additional funding will allow the program, which currently operates only in the Lower Mainland, to expand provincewide.  continue reading... »

Top 5 Garages for VW Vans on Road Trip to Mexico & Central America

1. Go Westy Campers, Los Osos, California

2. Volkswagen Dealerships, Throughout Mexico

3. Geraldos VW's, La Paz, Baja, Mexico

4. Tony, Old Belize Marina (aka Cucumber Beach Marina), Belize City, Belize

5. "The Cuban Mechanic", Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

My First Volkswagen Van

My first VW van was a 1973 job with an after-market fibreglass dome roof.

I bought it from Murray, a guy I went to high school with.

Like most VW van owners I gave my van a name.

I called it "Shitty the Van" when it was performing poorly, which was most of the time.

And I called it "La Shité" when it was working well.  continue reading... »

Road Trip to Mexico & Central America 2007

The goal was to take up to a year to drive our 1987 VW camper van from Vancouver, Canada to the Panama Canal, and back again. If that didn’t work out, we would settle for the “Grand Tour” of Mexico.

The notion of driving through Central America had been operating as a magnetic pull on us for many years and the timing for hitting the road now seemed just about perfect.

We were both ready to press pause on the corporate treadmill - me as a lawyer at a downtown firm and Adrienne with a large insurance company – and see if we could reclaim that freedom that we thought (probably incorrectly) had defined our early 20s.

The only hours we wanted to bill over the next year would be on the open road or on a beach with fruity drinks in our hands.  continue reading... »