13. Loreto, Mexico - The Next Big Baja Destination?

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February 12, 2007

According to an article in the Vancouver Sun published shortly before we left on the trip, Loreto is being touted as the next big resort area on the Baja.

One of the driving forces is the Villages at Loreto Bay,

which is being built by Victoria, B.C. based developer David Butterfield in conjunction with the Mexico tourist department, FONATUR.

When built out, the resort will have some 6,000 units, golf courses, tennis courts all the other amenities one would expect from a high-class Mexican resort.

Whether Loreto achieves this status remains to be seen, given that its growth potential is severely compromised by the lack of solid fresh water supply, as reported by The San Diego Union Tribune in a December 28, 2005 article.

The tenuous water supply wasn't on our minds when we pulled into Loreto, after two weeks of living rough in the dust and sand of northern and central Baja.

We were happy to have a hot shower at the Riveria Del Mar RV and Parking campsite. Located in a residential neighbourhood, the campsite is about a 10 or 15 minute walk from centre of town, has nice bathroom facilities and is very popoular with the RVers.

(After spending up to $30/night for the pleasure of camping in Oregon and California we are reveling in the cheap campsites on the Baja - usually $10 US or less - hot shower included. We have had too admit that we are too old to enjoy ourselves without having a shower at least every second day.)

Loreto was the first bigger, somewhat tourist-orientated city in Mexico we stayed in on our trip, and we liked it if for no other reason than it allowed us to put on our "city" clothes for a night.

Prior to making our way to Loreto, we had spent a night camped in "Manuel's backyard" in Mulege and another camped on the hard-packed sand of Playa Santispac on Bahia Concepción, which is often billed as the most picturesque beach area of the Baja. Playa El Requesón, where we stopped to dip our feet, may in fact be the most picturesque beach.

Adrienne will always remember Mulege because she almost stepped on a rattle snake (yes, we heard the rattle) at Manuel's.

Key Facts & Figures:

-Manuel's backyard: $8/night
-Playa Santispac: $7/night
-Riveria Del Mar RV and Parking campsite: $12/night