16. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - The Non-Exclusive All-Inclusives

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March 1, 2007

After mainly staring at each other for the previous three weeks, we loved the party games that were set up on the beach near the Mango Deck restaurant for the rowdy all-inclusive crowd.

And by "inviting" ourselves into the hotel pools for refreshing dips, taking advantage of the various happy hour deals, clipping coffee coupons from the local paper, and nursing hot chocolates in cafes for three hours, we managed to have what felt like a one week "sun vacation" in Cabo San Lucas for around $50 a day.

We had made our way down the Sea of Cortes coast the day after Carnival, eventually finding our way to Los Cabos, where we stayed at the Club Cabo Motel & Camp Resort campsite.

Located at the end of a dirt road behind the Villa Del Arco and Villa Del Palmar up-scale hotels, the high-walled campsite was also relatively close to the main beach and to the splashy Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza mall.

While our main culinary focus in Cabo was the 2-for-1 drink specials, the highlight was the salsa bar at Felix´s restaurant.

Recently voted "Best Restaurant" by the the Gringo Times, the local English language paper, it offered over 30 specialty salsas, with each customer allowed to choose three. We were stuffed before they brought us our waters.

While Felix's was a treat, our modest budget led us back to El Pollo de Oro, located a few blocks behind Squid Row, more than once for the $4 enchilada plate.

Playa Santa Maria is located at Kilometre 12 on the Los Cabos corridor, at the bottom of a short dirt road next to the Hotel Twin Dolphin.

Not having spent much time in East Asia I rated this crescent-shaped beach as one of the top three most beautiful beaches I had ever been to. Adrienne, the more seasoned beach traveler, put it in her Top 20. We snorkeled for the first time on the trip there.

We also took advantage of the well-stocked Home Depot store - and the accommodating employee who cut the wood - to install (using all 20 of our thumbs) a nice set of shelves in Adrienne´s "closet" in the van.

This was something we should have done before we left home, as it increased our storage space five-fold.

That said, we now have something new to talk about in that sometimes long'ish 8 to 10 pm time slot.

Key Facts & Figures:

-Club Cabo Motel & Camp Resort: $20/night
-Dinner, Felix's Restaurant: $28