About The Site

Roadtrippin Resources contains information for travelers who are looking to take extended road trips to exotic locations, particularly in the Western Hemisphere to places such as Alaska, Mexico, Central America and South America.

We cover a wide range of topics including businesses that are dedicated to facilitating the roadtrippin experience, guidebooks written by seasoned roadtrippers and essential road trip gadgets and devices.

Roadtrippers houses a collection of inspiring roadtrippin stories. Get travel tips from other roadtrippers, and find links to their road trip websites and travel blogs. If you would like your road trip story and photos profiled, please contact us.

Roadtrippin Magazine reports on roadtrippin lifestyle and culture, where roadtrippin intersects with the environment, design, fashion, music, movies, art, architecture and celebrities.

About The Environment

With the urgent need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, this website may end up being a museum for the roadtrippin lifestyle, as the notion of filling up the tank, turning on the stereo, and hitting the open road may soon become entirely passe.

But hopefully not; we look forward to the day when eco-friendly alternatives are sufficiently developed to lessen the environmental footprint of this long standing tradition.

And we will use this website to promote those alternatives.

About Us

We live in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Roadtrip Journal details our extended road trips to Mexico & Central America (2007) and the Yukon & Alaska (2008) in our 1987 VW van.

The journals include tips on trip preparation, campsites, hotels, camping friendly eco-retreats, border crossings and amazing day-trips, among other things.

Our Top 5 Lists set out the best of the best from our trips.