"Hey Cupcake!" Calls Airstream Home

A shiny 1965 Tradewind Airstream trailer put Wes Hurt's "Hey Cupcake!" bakery on the map.

Located in Austin, Texas, the dessert stand specializes in, you guessed it, cupcakes.

The 30-year old Hurt told me that he has always been attracted to the classic/sleek look of Airstream trailers and that when it came time to putting the icing on his bakery concept, he knew that an Airstream - with its funky, retro vibe - would be the perfect fit.

Hurt, a self described entrepreneur, also figured the overhead would be substantially less than a storefront and that the Airstream would generate an extra buzz around the new business.

If the results of my Google search is a barometer, he definitely achieved the latter.

After purchasing the trailer in Johnson City, Texas, Hurt gutted its inside to make it commercial ready, re-building almost every aspect of it except for the main aluminum frame.

When he was finished he parked the Airstream, adorned with a massive pink cupcake on its roof, on the hip 1600 block of South Congress. That was March 2007.

And in case you think a cupcake stand is a tough way to make a living, the Grand Opening of Hurt’s second – more conventional - storefront location is December 15, 2008. (According to Hurt, that is National Cupcake Day. Who knew?)

But true to its cupcake stand roots, the Burnet Road Hey Cupcake! location will, Hurt has hinted, also have an Airstream theme.


Photo #1: courtesy/copyright © 2008 Nicole Basurto
Photo #2: courtesy/copyright © 2008 512 Photography