Bumfuzzle Road Trip Featured in VW Camper & Commercial Magazine

The January/February 2009 issue of Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine has an article by Pat Schulte about the epic road trip he and his wife are doing down the Pan-American Highway in a 1958 VW Panelvan.

Our November 2008 profile of the Schulte's road trip and their bumfuzzle.com website can be seen here.

The couple - natives of St. Paul, Minnesota - are currently cooling their heels in Colombia, waiting for their blue baby to be shipped from Panama.

Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine, which celebrates all things having to do with the VW Bus, started publishing in 2000.

The editor of the UK-based periodical, David Eccles, has written several guides and books about VW vans, including Campervan Crazy (2006), which he co-wrote with his wife, Cee.

Campervan Crazy, which "traces the cult of the campervan", includes a feature on Richard and Amanda Ligato, the VW Vagabonds who completed a three year road trip through Central and South America and then Africa in a 1978 VW bus. Our July 2008 profile of the Ligato's road trip can be seen here.

Before appearing in Campervan Crazy , the Ligatos also wrote articles about their road trip for Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine. The first one was published in the Autumn 2005 edition and the second in the Winter 2005 edition.

Around the same time, the Ligatos came out with their own road trip book, Wide-eyed Wanderers: A Befuddling Journey from the Rat Race to the Roads of Latin America & Africa.

And with that, one thread of the six degrees of roadtrippin separation has been fully unwound.