Kitesurfing and Roadtripping From San Diego to Chile

Name: Frank Rogowski
Hometown: Oldenburg, Germany

Road trip destination: San Diego, California, USA to Chile and then back to Brazil.

Start of road trip: October 30, 2008
Anticipated end date: Not sure

Vehicle: 2001 Dodge Ram Van 2500
Place of purchase: San Diego, California
Date of purchase: October 30, 2008

Custom work done of the van: The van was a regular van. I converted it so it had a bed and a kitchen in the back. I also put in a waterpump, fridge and 3 heavy duty deep cycle batteries with a volt meter.

Purpose/motivation for the trip: Traveling has been my passion for 3 years now. I have visited many countries already and now I will see all of Central and South America. I am also chasing the wind for kite surfing.

Top 2 gadgets or devices that you use on the trip: My Toshiba laptop, and my kitesurfing gear: a 12qm North Rebel 07, and a 135 Naish Thorn Board.

Top 3 campsites so far: They are all on the Baja in Mexico:

1) Bahia de Los Angeles,
2) El Coyote,
3) La Ventana

Most useful website while on the road:

Best piece(s) of practical advice for someone following in your footsteps: Just do it!! Travel slow! and don't plan to much in the future.

Frank's website: (in German)