Green Road Trips Raise Awareness About the Environment

One road trip across North America to raise awareness about the environment is just getting started, while another green minded road trip has just wrapped up.

Canadians Tyson Jerry and Cloe Whittaker departed from Victoria, British Columbia on a four month environmentally friendly road trip across North America, which they are calling "Driven to Sustain".

They are riding in a Mitsubishi Delica diesel van that has been converted to run on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO). Their goal is to try and break the current world record for "Longest Journey by Car on Alternative Fuel" which currently stands at 38,137 kilometres and they have already invested over $40,000 of their own funds to see it through.

Along the way, the young couple will be visiting sustainable initiatives and will also be promoting their "sustainability" message in as many forums/mediums as possible, including lectures in schools and radio and TV interviews.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania natives Mark Dixon, Ben Evans, Julie Dingman Evans and Erika Bowman concluded their own green adventure in August, which they called "Your Environmental Road Trip" or YERT.

The year long YERT road trip was an 45,000 mile eco-expedition that criss-crossed all 50 US states (and a few Canadian provinces) in order to explore and personalize environmental sustainability. The travelers did this by interviewing and videotaping over 800 citizens and leaders about things they are doing to make a difference.

And as the crew roamed through the US in their 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid they practiced what they preached: they limited themselves to 25 gallons of water per person per day and managed to produce less then one shoe-box full of garbage each month.