Landcruising Around the World

Names: Karin-Marijke Vis and Coen Wubbels
Home Town: Hengelo (Karin) and Oldenzaal (Coen), the Netherlands

Road trip destination: During our first 5 years on the road we travelled from Holland via Iran, Pakistan, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh to South East Asia where we visited Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Since January 2007 we’ve been exploring the beautiful countries of South America.

Vehicle: 25 year old Land Cruiser, model BJ45.

Kilometers driven: 120.000 km in 5.5 years

Money spent to date on gas:7.800 euro on diesel

Date left home: May 2003
Time on the road so far: 5.5 years

Motivation for taking the trip: To see, smell, taste, hear, touch and experience other cultures. Why is the media mostly so negative? We find the positive things in the world and share it with others trough our website and a growing magazine ring for which we write.

Mainly vacation or mainly work: We live our life on the road.

Average living expenses per day on road trip:
-documents (visas and car papers): 1 euro
-car (maintenance and parts): 3 euro
-diesel: 4 euro
-specials (medical insurance + electronics + clothes + books): 9 euro
-museum entrances: 1 euro
-paid sleeping (hotels/campsites): 1 euro
-daily expenses (food): 6 euro
Total: 24 euro's per day, over 5.5 years

Worst border crossing: Our longest border crossing was from Laos to Vietnam which took 48 hours and a lot of paperwork. In a sense it was nerve-wracking, because we split up. Karin-Marijke stayed our car, and I had to go by motorbike and bus 200 kilometers to the provincial capital to arrange: car insurance, road permit, Vietnamese license plates and a temporary import document.. With no money accept for a ATM card which did not function in the only machine I found in this city.

Top 2 gadgets/devices purchased: Our 2nd hand Coleman 2 ring stove and our Eezi Awn roof top tent.

Preferred guidebook: Lonely Planet

Best piece(s) of advice for someone following in your footsteps: You can spend a hugh amount of time and money on your preparations, but you will never be finished. Take your to-do list with you and start enjoying from day one.

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