Long Long Honeymoon in an Airstream

Names: Sean and Kristy Michael
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama, United States
Purpose of Trip: Extended honeymoon

Road trip destination: United States and Canada

Roadtrippin vehicle: 25 foot Airstream Classic attached to Ford F250 pickup

Why an Airstream: There's something timeless about that classic silver shape. It's both nostalgic and futuristic, like a cross between your great grandparents' old trailer and a UFO. When you see one, you smile.

Best feature of an Airstream: The aluminum skin! It never rusts, and always looks classic. More than anythng else, the aluminum grants Airstreams their timeless appearance.

You know you have become a member of the 'Streamer community when...? You get flashed! There's an informal tradition of flashing your headlights at other highway travelers who are towing Airstreams.

Date first left home: July 2, 2007
Days on the road since: We've spent about 150 nights in our Airstream over the past year.
Miles traveled: Around 22,000

Top 3 attractions seen/places visited: This is a tough one! Here are three (actually four) faves:
(1) Bluewater Key (near Key West, Florida);
(2) Lussier Hot Springs / Whiteswan Lake (British Columbia);
and a tie for third:
(3) Sean laces up his hiking boots, advocating Glacier National Park in Montana;
(3) Kristy dons her mouse ears and votes for Ft. Wilderness Resort & Campground at Walt Disney World.

Number of travel videos posted on website so far: 70
Average length of time it takes to make each video:
Three minutes to shoot, three months to edit. ;-) But seriously, the production time varies depending on the complexity of the video. The least complex take a few hours, while the more complex pieces take quite a while! Sean tends to continually tweak the edits. Most of the videos play out like short films.

Scripted or not: The videos are about 85% unscripted. Usually the final narration consists of whatever off-the-cuff comments pass muster in the editing process. A friend once labeled our videos as "slick but unrehearsed" and that seems a pretty accurate description. Occasionally, when we have the luxury of time, we will prepare a script or at least some talking points in advance.

Equipment used: We use three small HD cameras: a Sony HC3, and two Canon HV20s. We also have enough microphones, boom poles, camera mounts, computers, and software to keep Steven Speilberg happy. You can never have enough filmmaking equipment, so look for this list to change in the near future.

Sean & Kristy's Roadtrip Website: www.thelonglonghoneymoon.com

Photos: Camping on the Gulf RV Park, Destin, Florida