Overland World Road Trip

Name: Felix Bergmeister
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Former life: 10 times Ironman' ultra-triathlon winner

Road trip destination: Around the world

Age at start of road trip: 29
Date started dreaming about the trip: 9 years before taking off

Purpose of trip: raise awareness of, and funds for, UNICEF
Vehicle: R 80 GS Basic motorbike

Start of road trip: October 21, 2006

Road trip companions: riding solo
Trip sponsors: none

Continents driven through so far: Europe, Africa, South America, Central America, North America
Miles driven since starting trip: 28,000 (as of June 2008)

Miles still to go to complete circumnavigation of the world: 9,300

Most beautiful country: South Africa
Scary experience: getting caught in the middle of a shootout in Guatemala
Most diverse country in South America: Colombia

Future plans: writing a book about the trip in both German and English

Felix's Website: www.felix-bergmeister.at

Photos copyright/courtesy of Felix Bergmeister