Roadtrippin, by Singer/Songwriter Daniel Cirera

Has Daniel Cirera's "Roadtripppin" surpassed the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song of the same name as the best roadtrippin anthem?

Maybe not yet, but give Cirera, who has a Masters Degree in Commercial Law, full credit.

His video for Roadtrippin (below) perfectly captures the carefree, youthful vibe that initially hooks many people on the open road experience.

According to his website, the half-Swedish, half-Spanish Cirera, "has become a legend in his homeland of Sweden the old-fashioned way: by writing great, honest songs to purge himself."

And true to form, the material on Honestly – I love you *cough*, which includes "Roadtrippin", was inspired by Cirera's solo travels through Central America and the United States, which he embarked on to rid himself of the memories of his two-timing girlfriend.

Honestly – I love you *cough* - which was released in 2007 - is Cirera first full-length CD. His other CD, released in 2006, is the self titled Daniel Cirera and has only four tracks.

Although the lyrics in Roadtrippin refer to "Pacaya", an active volcano near Guatemala City, Cirera writes on his website that the song in fact:

"...was written in San Diego, California, one day in mid-July on the beach while my friend Culum and I were surfing and swallowing huge chugs of the Pacific Ocean. Somehow I recall feeling truly alive that day despite a vicious hangover. I remember humming - "It all starts today, I'm gonna head my way, road trippin' trough the US of A", belly down in the sand. That day those black clouds that made me leave Sweden for something different finally left my head.."

So the question is: whose Roadtrippin can lay claim to be the roadtrippin anthem? Is it Cirera's or the Red Hot Chill Peppers?

Photos: copyright/courtesy of Daniel Cirera