Rolling Stone Magazine's 25 Best Road Trip Tunes

Rolling Stone magazine published its list of the "25 Best Road Trip Songs Ever" in May 2007.

The collection is a bit heavy on classic rock for my tastes, and it neglects some obvious road trip anthems like the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Roadtrippin" and Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again'.

That said, it is the most authoritative compilation I've found so far. In reverse order, the list is:

25. “Travelin’ Band,” Creedence Clearwater
24. “Pink Houses,” John Mellencamp
23. “No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” Beastie Boys
22. “Gravity Rides Everything,” Modest Mouse
21. “Rearviewmirror,” Pearl Jam

20. “Roadrunner,” Modern Lovers
19. “Taking the Long Way,” Dixie Chicks
18. “Award Tour,” Tribe Called Quest
17. “Take It Easy,” Eagles
16. “Running On Empty,” Jackson Browne

15. “Born to be Wild,” Steppenwolf
14. “Going Back to Cali,” LL Cool J
13. “No Particular Place to Go,” Chuck Berry
12. “Turn the Page,” Bob Seger
11. “Passenger Side,” Wilco

10. “Wanted Dead or Alive”, Bon Jovi
9. “The Passenger,” Iggy Pop
8. “Tush,” ZZ Top
7. “Radar Love,” Golden Earring
6. “Ol’ 55,” Tom Waits

5. “Truckin’,” Grateful Dead
4. “Runnin’ Down a Dream,” Tom Petty
3. “Highway to Hell,” AC/DC
2. “Born To Run,” Bruce Springsteen
1. “Immigrant Song,” Led Zeppelin

I'd love to hear what's on your "Top Road Trip Songs" list, or if you have come across a better list.

Source: Rolling Stone, May 21, 2007
Photo courtesy Freak_Irish_Sister

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