The Algae Biodiesel Westfalia Camper Van

David Levine's road trip from the high school where he teaches to Chicago's landmark Sears Tower was a short drive for man - about 20 miles round trip - but perhaps a giant step for mankind.

It's also a cool account of biofuels being used to fill the tank of a VW van.

As the story goes, Levine's students at the Al Raby School for Community and Environment in Garfield Park, Illinois started culturing algae in their chemistry class at the beginning of their junior year.

The appeal of algae fuel over other more conventional sources of biodiesel is obvious: algae's not a food crop like, say, corn and soybeans.

The desired end game was to produce enough biofuel - about one gallon it turns out - to power a 1982 VW Vanagon diesel camper van from their school to downtown Chicago, and back again.

The successful - and climate friendly - journey on green fuel took place on the afternoon of Friday, May 30, 2008.

You can read more about the Algae Biodiesel Westfalia Camper Van in this article and this interview at

Al Raby did a great job with

Al Raby did a great job with this project and i hope that they continue doing the great things that they are doing