The Mitsubishi Delica Roadtrippin Advantage

Move over VW Westalia vans.

The Mitsubishi Delica is the new camper van of choice for adventure road trip takers.

Only eligible to be brought into Canada since 2000 due to our import laws, Delicas are now flooding the streets of Vancouver and other Canadian cities.

They are prized for their luxury interior features (including middle swivel seats), their 4x4 off-road capabilities and their ability to be converted from a turbo-diesel engine to one that runs on waste vegetable oil (WVO).

The fact that their steering wheels are on the right-hand side - the wrong side in Canada - doesn't seem to bother their fans.

Originally manufactured in 1968 by Mitsubishi as a delivery van, the Delica was re-designed the next year into a passenger van and then eventually into a recreational vehicle as well. After a two year hiatus in production, the fifth, and latest, generation of Delicas hit the market in 2007.

And like the case with their VW van brethern, the newer Delica models don't look nearly as sleek as the models rolled out in the 1980s.

The Delica Canada Mitsubishi Van Club is ground zero for Delica owners in Canada. It is an online venue rich with information where Delica devotees can swap road trip stories, photos and tips on customizing their vehicles.

According to the site, the Delica L300 (Mitsubishi Delica Starwagon) - the third generation model - is Canada's most common Delica.

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