The "Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power" Van

Montreal industrial design company, VERDIER Light Caravaning, has designed a revolutionary Westfalia Bus that is powered by green energy.

Labeled the "Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power", the van has a hybrid engine that runs on fuel and electricity. It also has solar panels on the roof that provide electricity to the on-board accessories when the vehicle is stationary.

According to its website, the company "has set for itself the goal of enhancing the field of the light recreational vehicle" and, along with being powered by green energy, the "Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power" Bus has several new design features that make it sleeker and more livable,

Among the intriguing improvements over the traditional bus, are a swivel cooking range that makes it possible to cook inside and out and an "integrated folding staircase" that comes out of the sliding half-door on the passenger side.

Lead designer Alexandre Verdier started working on the "Westfalia VERDIER Solar Power" Bus in 1998, shaped by the insights he gained touring Europe in a VW van for a year in the early 1990s.

The concept vehicle is gaining notoriety. In 2006, it won the "Special Prize from the Jury at the Caravaning Design Award 2006/2007, Innovation for new mobility" at the "Caravan Salon Dusseldorf", in Germany. A few years earlier, a previous version of the van won the 2004 Michelin Challenge Design.

Photos taken from the VERDIER Light Caravaning website. Copyright © Alexandre Verdier, 2006.