Timeless Book "Who Needs a Road?" Inspires Roadtrippers

One of the most ambitious overland journeys currently underway is The World By Road Expedition.

Americans Steve Shoppman and Steve Bouey, and a small and evolving crew of global wanderers they have picked up along the way, are aiming to drive through more than 80 countries in six continents in less than two years time.

Since starting the trip in Spring 2007, the TWBR team has taken their two 4x4 Toyota trucks into 50 countries in Asia, Europe Africa and South America, as well as Australia.

They are currently in Cali, Colombia arranging to have the trucks shipped around the Darien Gap and into Panama.

We have it on good authority that once they reach Costa Rica, they will head to the Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat, a new property in the northern part of the tropical country that was built by friends of ours, Meghan Casey and Davis Azofeifa.

According to the TWBR website, the two Steves drew significant inspiration for their road trip from the book Who Needs A Road? The Story of the Longest and Last Motor Journey Around the World.

Penned by Harold Stephens and Albert Podell, Who Needs A Road? recounts the authors' road trip in the mid 1960s through more than 30 countries in five continents.

By the time they returned to New York City almost three years after leaving, they had motored a record-breaking 42,252 miles in their Toyota Land Cruiser.

Originally published in 1967, the book was unavailable for several years before being re-issued in 1999. According to the bulk of the reviews on the internet, it is unquestionable road trip classic.

As one reader put it, "If you’re looking to jump start a life of travel, Who Needs A Road is a good place to start."

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