Top 5 Books to Read on a Road Trip in Mexico & Central America

1. My Mexico
Diane Kennedy

-A cookbook and travelogue. Kennedy's describes her 6th book as an “eccentric” collection of stories, memories and recipes that she had gathered from her gastronomic wanderings through Mexico.

2. On Mexican Time
Tony Cohan

The book - a must read for any visitor to Mexico's colonial cities - is to Mexico what Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence is to France and Frances Mayes' Under The Tuscan Sun is to Italy.

3. Divorcing the Dictator: America's Bungled Affair with Noriega
Frederick Kempe

-Wall Street Journal correspondent Kempe documents the extent that the US was in bed with Noriega in the 1970s and 1980s, and the extent of Noreiga's depravity.

4. Map Makers Opera
Bea Gonzalez

-Set in the city of Merida in the days leading up to the Mexican Revolution.

5. Understanding Belize: A Historical Guide
Allen Twigg

-Full of interesting historical and contemporary facts about the only English speaking country in Central America. Twigg is a Vancouver, British Columbia based journalist and broadcaster.