Top 5 Places To Eat Seafood on Road Trip to Yukon & Alaska

1. Waterfront Restaurant, Crest Hotel, Prince Rupert, British Columbia

A must stop in Prince Rupert, especially when the sun is shining on the deck. Carefully prepared seafood.

2. Pikes Landing, Fairbanks, Alaska

Home to what is apparently the largest outdoor patio in Alaska . Mushrooms stuffed with crab, seafood medley and a red salmon ceaser salad. Washed down with Alaska lager.

3. Seafood Express, Hyder, Alaska

Seafood served from a parked school bus. One of only a few places to eat in town

4. Shrimp Omlette, Ferries, Alaska Marine Highway System

5. Phylis’s Restaurant, Anchorage, Alaska

5. Ligthouse Café, MV Coastal Adventure, British Columbia’s Inside Passage Ferry Route

Pricey but tasty BBQ seafood on the ferry's back deck, with views of humpback whale pods