"Tow Truck In A Box" Worth Considering for Baja Road Trips

I saw an ad on TV last night for the "Tow Truck in a Box" and wished we had a set of these ribbed aluminum plates when we camped our way down the Baja in our VW van last year.

On two annoying occasions we had to dig our tires out of deep sand.

The first was in an RV park just north of Playa Santispac in what we thought was a parking lot. Fortunately, there was some old boards nearby that we could wedge under the tires.

But it still took 45 minutes, a lot of dust, and some damage to our relationship before we finally made it out.

The second setback occurred on the sandy road from the highway to the now closed San Pedrito RV Park in Pescadero. We had gone the wrong direction at a "v" in the road and were reversing to correct our error. Within seconds, we had veered slightly off the rutted tracks and into the deep, soft sand. One of the back tires was basically buried.

This time there were no old boards around this time and if it wasn't for a kind young couple from Oregon that eventually helped us dig out with their hands, we could still be there.

No fun at all.

I have no idea whether the "Tow Truck in a Box" plates actually works but it did win the Motor Trend/Truck Trend "Standout product of the year" and at only $29.95 seems worth having in your vehicle for a "sandy" day.