A Tribute to the "Viva Westfalia" Blog

The information superhighway is littered with the carnage of abandoned blogs.

One cyber narrative that flamed brightly for a year and a half before going silent is "Viva Westfalia", whose tag line is: "Celebrating the magic that is an aircooled Volkswagen camper".

Between December 2005 and June 2007, the anonymous and photo-less blogger uploaded 29 tight and cool posts, each on VW buses, and each with an eye catching photo or video. They cover some of the same stories we've written about here at roadtrippin.com.

The writer's last entry was about his/her VW van going into the shop for a new bright orange paint job.

And then the blog appears to have gone offline, exiting the world wide web as stealthily as it first entered.


You should keep posting

You should keep posting about VW'S. I hate I missed that site. I would love if you would check out my blog www.seevwtv.com I make video post all the time about VW's and the culture.