Road Trip to El Salvador: Two Guys, One Video Camera

Names: Spencer Stromberg and Dustin Alexander

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Road trip destination: Salt Lake City, United States to San Salvador, El Salvador

Date left home: July 22, 2008
Date arrived in San Salvador: August 11, 2008

Spencer and Dustin's road trip video: See below

Vehicle: 1988 Honda Prelude. We bought it, and a spare tire, for $300. We ended up needing the spare tire.

Vehicle disposal method: Since you're not supposed to sell cars down there, we had to be sneaky how we did it. We actually sold it in El Salvador for $300 then crossed into Guatemala on a bus and flew home from there.

Someone offered us $2,000 for it, but because it was a pre-2000 model, he couldn't have legally registered it. We settled for $300 because now he has to drive to Guatemala every 3 months to renew the temporary permit that's on the windshield.

Camping or hotels: Dustin lived in San Salvador and he knew many people there, and we also always had a place to stay in Guatemala so I can't really recommend camping places.

We did have to camp on the beach one night in Tampico, Mexico. It felt very safe and the police looked after us.

Road trip highlights/lowlights:

-It took us 30 hours to drive from New Mexico to Brownsville, Texas because of Hurricane Dolly, which we drove straight through!

-We slept in the car in Brownsville because the power was out everywhere and the streets were flooded and all hotels were full.

- Visiting the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan, north east of Mexico City.

-Guatemala had very bad roads and it took an entire day to get from the border to Guatemala City. If you look on a map, that's not that far, only a couple hundred miles.

-El Salvador had volcanoes everywhere you went. I thought that was cool.

Border crossings: It was easy to cross all the borders, but Mexico requires a down payment in cash or your credit card number to assure them you won't sell your car. The other countries didn't enforce it too carefully.