Roadtrippin Resources

Roadtrippin Resources is a source of information for travelers who are looking to take extended road trips to exotic locations, particularly in the Western Hemisphere to places such as Alaska, Mexico, Central America and South America.

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Vintage Surfari Wagons Rents VW Buses in Cali

Surf, camp and hang out.

Those are words to live by, according to Bill and Diane Staggs, the owners of Vintage Surfari Wagons in Costa Mesa, California.

With a fleet of seven classic VW buses for rent, Vintage Surfari Wagons appeals to the independent-minded traveler looking to explore the Golden State’s surf beaches and coast line, and beyond.

Each of the buses comes fully stocked with all the necessary camping gear, and surf and bike racks are available on request.  continue reading... »

Airstreams Populate Vintage Trailer Park in Europe

We haven't done too many stories on the roadtrippin lifestyle in Europe, but this one was too intriguing to pass up.

The Belrepayre Airstream & Retro Trailerpark in the foothills of the Pyrenees near Mirepoix, France touts itself as the first vintage trailer park in Europe.

Exclusively for Airstreams, vintage caravans (what we call "trailers" in North America) and retro vehicles, the park was opened by Perry, a semi-retired English clown, and his French wife, Coline, five years ago.  continue reading... »

Bumfuzzle Road Trip Featured in VW Camper & Commercial Magazine

The January/February 2009 issue of Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine has an article by Pat Schulte about the epic road trip he and his wife are doing down the Pan-American Highway in a 1958 VW Panelvan.

Our November 2008 profile of the Schulte's road trip and their website can be seen here.

The couple - natives of St. Paul, Minnesota - are currently cooling their heels in Colombia, waiting for their blue baby to be shipped from Panama.

Volkswagen Camper & Commercial magazine, which celebrates all things having to do with the VW Bus, started publishing in 2000.  continue reading... »

"Tow Truck In A Box" Worth Considering for Baja Road Trips

I saw an ad on TV last night for the "Tow Truck in a Box" and wished we had a set of these ribbed aluminum plates when we camped our way down the Baja in our VW van last year.

On two annoying occasions we had to dig our tires out of deep sand.

The first was in an RV park just north of Playa Santispac in what we thought was a parking lot. Fortunately, there was some old boards nearby that we could wedge under the tires.

But it still took 45 minutes, a lot of dust, and some damage to our relationship before we finally made it out.  continue reading... »