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Roadtrippin Resources is a source of information for travelers who are looking to take extended road trips to exotic locations, particularly in the Western Hemisphere to places such as Alaska, Mexico, Central America and South America.

The World's Most Dangerous Road Belongs to Bolivia

John and Cara Macdonald know, first-hand,the "Road of Death" in Bolivia.

The husband and wife team from Charlottesville, Virginia mountain biked down its steep terrain in 2006, during their two year, 30-country trip around the world, the last half of which took them overland from Patagonia, Argentina to the United States.

The video (see below) of their descent down the road is catchy, and John’s action-packed travel dispatch about their adventure day-trip is a must read.

The 64 kilometre section of the Unduavi-Yolosa Highway from La Cumbre to Coroico is known as the “Road of Death”, or the "World's Most Dangerous Road", because it claims up to 200 lives per year.  continue reading... »

Go Westy Campers Launches New Blog For VW Van Owners

Earlier this month, Go Westy Campers launched its new blog, "Westylife".

Go Westy is of course the supercharged VW van garage and sales shop located in Los Osos, California, near San Luis Obispo.

Jad Josey, a Go Westy rep and the blog's moderator, told me that they launched the blog as one feature of a new "Community" section of their website, which will be launching soon.  continue reading... »

The Lowdown on Camper Van Awnings - Part II (Shady Boy)

In The Lowdown on Camper Van Awnings - Part I, we covered Fiammas, the model we ended up buying for our VW van.

A second awning option we considered was the Shady Boy brand, which is manufactured by Equinox Sunshine Products Ltd.

Equinox, which is located in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, is the baby of Wolfgang Vogt.

Vogt, who has been in business for over 12 years, told me in an email that his lightweight awnings come in four colours (burgundy, sky blue, mountain blue and silver), take only 30 minutes to install, and can be mounted on any camper van.

When fully deployed, the Shady Boy is 10 ft wide and pulls out 6 ft deep.  continue reading... »

The Lowdown on Camper Van Awnings - Part I (Fiamma)

It blocks the blazing sun in Mexico and Central America.

It provides cover from the pelting rain in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

It casts a shadow over the windows, no matter the locale, creating another layer of privacy.

A good awning is, in my mind, an essential purchase for your camper van before embarking on an extended road trip.

Before our 2007 journey, we spent considerable time researching the various van awning options out there for our 1987 VW Vanagon.  continue reading... »

The Mitsubishi Delica Roadtrippin Advantage

Move over VW Westalia vans.

The Mitsubishi Delica is the new camper van of choice for adventure road trip takers.

Only eligible to be brought into Canada since 2000 due to our import laws, Delicas are now flooding the streets of Vancouver and other Canadian cities.

They are prized for their luxury interior features (including middle swivel seats), their 4x4 off-road capabilities and their ability to be converted from a turbo-diesel engine to one that runs on waste vegetable oil (WVO).

The fact that their steering wheels are on the right-hand side - the wrong side in Canada - doesn't seem to bother their fans.  continue reading... »