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Roadtrippin Resources is a source of information for travelers who are looking to take extended road trips to exotic locations, particularly in the Western Hemisphere to places such as Alaska, Mexico, Central America and South America.

Overland Journal Caters to Hardcore Roadtrippers

The Fall 2008 issue of the Overland Journal seduces roadtrippers with 132 pages of adventure travel journalism and absorbing photos.

Stories in the current issue include "Mexico Travel Tips for Adventure Riders" and "Sahara: the Empty Quarter Part II."

Based in Prescott, Arizona, the Overland Journal bills itself as "North America's only vehicle dependent expedition publication."

It was first launched in Spring 2007 and publishes five issues a year. A one year subscription in Canada or the US costs $45, which includes delivery.

And while new ventures are always a risk, Executive Editor Jonathan Hanson knows his trade: he has written numerous books and contributed to nearly two dozen magazines, including the venerable  continue reading... »

Offsets Can Reduce Carbon Footprint of Road Trip

Roadtrippers Karin Catchpole and Eric Mohl are buying carbon offsets to reduce the impact of their Trans-Americas Journey.

The money they use to purchase offsets is spent on carbon-reducing projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation initiatives.

Although actual greenhouse gas emission reductions should be the primary goal, carbon offsets are seen as an important component of most GHG reduction strategies.

Catchpole and Mohl are using the offset projects available though the Chicago Climate Exchange ("CCX") to reduce their carbon footprint.  continue reading... »

Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook

The short list of guidebooks/travel memoirs about road tripping through Mexico, Central America and South America just got a little longer, and a little more current.

Kim and Don Greene's Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook was published in June 2008 and contains information and forms collected up until April 2008.

It details the couple's trip through 16 countries and, according to their website, is the culmination of four years of research.

Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook can be added to a short list of guide books/travel memoirs that describe the road trip south on the Pan America Highway, which already includes:  continue reading... »

More Camper Vans for Rent in British Columbia

Canquests Camper Rentals was conceived by owners Keith and Kate Clark while they were camping on their honeymoon in the Rocky Mountains some years back.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, CanQuests is a third option for roadtrippers who are looking to rent a camper van in BC.

The other two options, both subjects of previous articles in Roadtrippin Magazine, are Wicked Campers and Travel BC Van Rentals & Sales.

Along with its vans, Canquests also rents camping equipment, offering three basic packages that contain items ranging from cooking supplies to cleaning supplies to bedding. Tents, coolers, bikes and an assortment of other camping paraphernalia can also be rented from the company for an additional cost.  continue reading... »

ITMB Publishes New Maps for Latin America Destinations

World renowned map-maker, International Travel Map & Books ("ITMB"), has recently published several first time titles for Latin America destinations.

These maps include, "Andes", "Chile", "Mexico Travel Road Atlas" "Mexico: Sonora & Chihuahua", "Peru South and Lima" and "South America Travel Atlas".

The book format "Mexico Travel Road Atlas" and the "South America Travel Atlas", in particular, will be of interest to roadtrippers heading to Latin America.

The maps in the "Mexico Travel Road Atlas" have distances between communities, and list hotels and gas stations, parks and nature reserves, hot springs, waterfalls, camping sites, museums and beaches.

It may well supplant the Spanish-language "Guia Roji" as the road atlas of choice for ex-pats who are navigating the roads of Mexico,  continue reading... »