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The Algae Biodiesel Westfalia Camper Van

David Levine's road trip from the high school where he teaches to Chicago's landmark Sears Tower was a short drive for man - about 20 miles round trip - but perhaps a giant step for mankind.

It's also a cool account of biofuels being used to fill the tank of a VW van.

As the story goes, Levine's students at the Al Raby School for Community and Environment in Garfield Park, Illinois started culturing algae in their chemistry class at the beginning of their junior year.

The appeal of algae fuel over other more conventional sources of biodiesel is obvious: algae's not a food crop like, say, corn and soybeans.  continue reading... »

Jeff Johnson's "Bend to Baja" Proves Popular

The bad news? The entire first print run of Jeff Johnson's intriguing road trip tale, Bend to Baja, has sold out

The good news? Johnson advised me that he is in the midst of doing a second run and it should be ready in summer 2009.

I am keen to get my hands on the book because, according to the promotional blurb:

"Bend to Baja documents a surf-inspired road trip along the West Coast of North America. In February 2005, Jeff Johnson, the Malloy brothers and their friends left Ventura, California for Bend, Oregon. From Oregon, the crew went south to the tip of Baja, looking for waves and rock climbing in a pickup truck converted to run on alternative fuel sources: veggie oil and bio-diesel."  continue reading... »

Pamela Anderson's Airstream On The Auction Block Again

In a piece back in August we noted that Pamela Anderson's Lovestream Airstream trailer was being auctioned at the “World’s Largest Collector Car Auction and Show".

That auction was held in Auburn, Indiana and ran from August 28 to September 2, 2008.

Well, it seems that the trailer didn't sell last time around as, according to this ad, Kruse International has put the silver missile on the block again this weekend.

But this time, the auctioneer is clearly much more serious about moving the Lovestream.  continue reading... »

"Hey Cupcake!" Calls Airstream Home

A shiny 1965 Tradewind Airstream trailer put Wes Hurt's "Hey Cupcake!" bakery on the map.

Located in Austin, Texas, the dessert stand specializes in, you guessed it, cupcakes.

The 30-year old Hurt told me that he has always been attracted to the classic/sleek look of Airstream trailers and that when it came time to putting the icing on his bakery concept, he knew that an Airstream - with its funky, retro vibe - would be the perfect fit.

Hurt, a self described entrepreneur, also figured the overhead would be substantially less than a storefront and that the Airstream would generate an extra buzz around the new business.

If the results of my Google search is a barometer, he definitely achieved the latter.  continue reading... »

Home on the Road: The Van Dwelling Phenomenon

After spending the better part of a year living in our 1987 VW Vanagon while we traveled to Mexico and Central America followed by the Yukon and Alaska, I was thrilled to get back home to the comforts of our condo.

Kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces – I like them all.

But for a growing number of individuals, permanent “van dwelling” has replaced apartments and houses as the accommodation of choice.

The glue that holds this sub-culture together appears to be the aptly named “Van-Dwellers” Yahoo chat group.  continue reading... »