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Roadtrippin, by Singer/Songwriter Daniel Cirera

Has Daniel Cirera's "Roadtripppin" surpassed the Red Hot Chilli Peppers song of the same name as the best roadtrippin anthem?

Maybe not yet, but give Cirera, who has a Masters Degree in Commercial Law, full credit.

His video for Roadtrippin (below) perfectly captures the carefree, youthful vibe that initially hooks many people on the open road experience.

According to his website, the half-Swedish, half-Spanish Cirera, "has become a legend in his homeland of Sweden the old-fashioned way: by writing great, honest songs to purge himself."

And true to form, the material on Honestly – I love you *cough*, which includes "Roadtrippin", was inspired by Cirera's solo travels through Central America and the United States, which he embarked on to rid himself of the memories of his two-timing girlfriend.  continue reading... »

The Airstream Ranch

Earlier this year, Frank Bates buried eight beat-up Airstream trailers at a 20-degree angle along the eastbound lanes of Interstate 4 in Dover County, Florida (between Plant City and Tampa).

Bates owns an RV dealership - Bates RV Exchange - next door that sells Airstreams and the jury is out whether the display is a cutting edge piece of public art - he calls it "Airstream Ranch" - or a shameless publicity stunt.

Bates argues the former, saying he was inspired by the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, a display of of 10 partially buried Cadillacs which was erected in 1974 by an art collective calling itself The Ant Farm.  continue reading... »

Nobody is Ready to "Scrap" their VW Van in British Columbia

The British Columbia Government announced yesterday that it is giving another $15 million to the "Scrap-It Program".

The laudable program is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality by getting older vehicles (pre-1995) off the road.

People who scrap their vehicles under program can receive free transit passes, money towards buying a bicycle or up to $2,250 towards buying a new car.

The additional funding will allow the program, which currently operates only in the Lower Mainland, to expand provincewide.  continue reading... »

Our Family's Roadtripping Trailer

Just like Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, our family liked to go on long road trips towing a trailer.

Unlike Matthew, our family didn't own a $65,000 customized Airstream trailer.

No, we towed a two-wheel converted tent trailer behind our 1973 brown and green AMC station wagon.

We had bought the trailer in Dryden, Ontario on one of our epic 1970s road trips across Canada. The wheel had busted on our one-wheel trailer and my dad was in a bind.

As he tells the story:

"The trailer repair place I had gone to had a used tent trailer and after considerable negotiations we bought it for around $600. They were quite desperate to sell it but also knew I needed it so it took a while to come to a purchase agreement.  continue reading... »

Matthew McConaughey's Roadtrippin Trailer

Matthew McConaughey owns three Airstream trailers, including a 28-footer that cost $65,000, and his penchant for road tripping has been well documented.

As he told Details magazine: "My life is on the road, man. I need to keep moving."

When the Texas native came to Vancouver in 2004 to film Two For The Money with Al Pacino, he lived in his Airstream at the Capilano RV Park under the Lions Gate Bridge.

He was dating Penelope Cruz at the time.

McConaughey then spent three months in 2005 driving 8,600 miles over "the highways and byways of America" promoting his subsequent film, Sahara.

Like any good road tripper, he wrote a roadtrip blog - "McConaughey's 'Sahara' Stream Journals.  continue reading... »