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Roadtrippin, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

American alt-music band Red Hot Chill Peppers formed in LA in 1983.

It announced its arrival as a super group 1991 with the critically acclaimed album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

Eight years later, in 1999, they released Californication. which included the song, "Road Trippin".

According to Wikipedia, the Road Trippin single was released only in Europe and:  continue reading... »

My First Volkswagen Van

My first VW van was a 1973 job with an after-market fibreglass dome roof.

I bought it from Murray, a guy I went to high school with.

Like most VW van owners I gave my van a name.

I called it "Shitty the Van" when it was performing poorly, which was most of the time.

And I called it "La Shité" when it was working well.  continue reading... »

My First Road Trip

This a photo of me with my two older brothers on the first road trip I ever went on.

We didn't go on any of the "World's 10 Best Road Trips" mentioned in the first Roadtrippin Resources entry.

Nor, as best I can remember, did I go on the road trip to avoid responsibility, expand my mind, or form friendships.

(My brothers and I were already pretty good friends, as you can see from the photo).

No, the road trip was from Vancouver down the I-5 Highway to Disneyland, with a quick visit to the desert, and then back home again on the I-5.

And I went on it because my parents told me I had to.